Monday, July 5, 2010

Imperial Guard Progress List

Okayyy. Since this blog is really something to motivate me to get stuff finished, here's an exhaustive list of Imperial Guard models I own and have yet to do.

As some of you know, I own 3 Warhammer Fantasy armies and 3 Warhammer 40k armies.

To curb my somewhat... wanton purchasing habits with regards to toy soldiers, this is a limit I will religiously stick to. The only way I will collect a new force, is if an existing force gets sold. Since each of my collections has reached massive, or in the case of 40k, Apocalyptic(tm) proportions, this is very unlikely to happen.

Repeat to self: very unlikely to happen. *twitch*

Here's the list of models for my very smallest (points) 40k force, the Imperial Guard:

Company command squad ---------- WIP - 80%
Commisar Yarrick
Ministorum Priest -------------------done
Techpriest Enginseer + servitors ----- WIP - 10%

Platoon command squad ------------ done
Platoon command squad
80 Guardsmen --------------------- 40 done
10 Veterans ------------------------ WIP - 90%
10 Penal Legion -------------------- done
2 Chimeras ------------------------- done

5 Ogryns --------------------------- WIP - 90%
5 Psyker Battle Squad ---------------- done

Fast Attack
1 Vendetta Gunship----------------- done
2 Scout Sentinels ------------------- done
1 Armoured Sentinel --------------- done
1 Hellhound ------------------------ done
6 Rough Riders --------------------- WIP - 10%

Heavy Support
4 Leman Russ Tanks --------------- 3 done
1 Leman Russ Demolisher---------- 30% done
1 Deathstrike Missile/Basilisk ------ done
1 Manticore ------------------------ done

Apocalypse Assets
1 Shadowsword -------------------- done
1 Marauder Destroyer
1 Bombard ---------------------- 15% done
1 Leviathan-------------------------acquiring parts

A quick tally puts the figure at 4500 points... Not too bad I guess.

What's less impressive is the fact that this is also not very painted... But that will change (goddammit).

This will be a 'living' list BTW, so I fully intend to add further stuff (and hopefully move stuff to the master 'done' pile), so check back to this post for updates!

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