Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Apocalypse Soon!

We're planning an Apocalypse game in August, and I'll be fighting with rather than against the Imperium for once.

In fact... It's the first time ever.

Something went awry along the way, and I've only ever collected evil armies... So this truly a first, despite having been playing dice games with little toy soldiers for over 17 years.


As part of that oncoming conflict, I'm mustering 2500 points to join the good fight (I'll never get used to the way that sounds...)

Here's the story so far... I hope to retake this photo a good many times, with hopefully more done each time. As of now, many models are half done, many are just stand-ins for proper models, and one is even er... a base.

It will get better I promise!

By the way... 2500 points buys quite a bit of Guard it seems.



yes, my blanket is pink.


  1. Thanks, but only from a distance...

    Need second stage highlights to finish the model off.
    But yeah lots of progress, am very happy with it =)