Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wood Elf Challenge week 3 and prototypes!

Challenge? What challenge?

So... When GW closed down Specialist's Games, I went on a Warmaster buying spree, picking up the rest of the models I was planning to use for Wood Elves.

What better way to keep tabs on getting models done than participating in a challenge right?

The plan is to get a unit of three bases done every two weeks. I actually paint faster than this, but given the complexity of some of the conversions I will be doing to make my Wood Elves look like their Warhammer counterparts, this sedate pace is. perfect.

This week's challenge unit is Glade Guard. Just FYI, week 1 was also Glade Guard and week 2 Dryads. Just to clarify though, week 1's Glade Guard didn't include a proper command base -- I'll be adding them later.

Here's how I did them -- one base is going to the earlier unit lacking command:

Painted! Simple and easy:

Lined up and ready to pew pew pew:

 And now, the fun part. Here's what my Eternal Guard will look like:


They are insanely complicated to make, out of Copplestone Rangers:

Brass rod spears and green stuff chest plates, arms and helmet accessories. See why I like the slow pace?

And, made out of GW Dark Elves, Wild Riders:

I am really happy at how these units have turned out, even if they are tons of work. Should look great when all done!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wood Elves and Romans...oh my


Here is the latest on what I've been working on, 10mm Wood Elves!

What with the death of Specialist Games and all, I'd thought I would showcase how you can keep the hobby alive using partly non-GW models and the trial rules.

So here are the Glade Guard, Copplestone Rangers from their not-LOTR 10mm range. A tad large, but spot-on in terms of looks:

These are Dryads, GW Daemonettes with their erm... 'thumbs' (lower half of the claw) removed. If you can't get your hands on these easily -- and really who can, these days -- Eureka has suitable models in their 'Woodland Creatures' pack you can use.

And now, for something completely different: These are Roman Heavy Cavalry, for use with the Early Imperial Roman Warmaster Ancients list. These are specifically of the 'horsey banner' unit.

Excellent sculpts from the talented hands of Steve Barber, whose models single-handedly convinced me to give Ancients a try:

More, much more on these armies to come...

I'm baaaack! (And smaller than ever)

Hi everyone! (all 17 of you anyway)

Yes, I have been remiss in posting updates, haven't I?

In the two years that I've gone AWOL from this blog, a great deal has happened:

1. All of my 28mm stuff has been put on indefinite hold. I've even been flogging large swathes of the unopened stuff, in order to free up space. I've been quite the hoarder given the series of sales that affected people in my area, leaving me with more than I was inclined to paint.

Which means:

2. No more 28mm updates for the time being, with the exception of Super Dungeon Explore, which I love to death.

3. I've moved on into 10mm gaming, namely Warmaster Fantasy and Warmaster Ancients. I'm currently working on Empire (remember that War Altar?), Beastmen and Wood Elves, so these will be the focus of new Painting Haul updates.

Hang in there, lots to update you on!