Friday, July 2, 2010

And now for something completely different.

I have to say, ork models are heck of a lot of fun to paint.

You can do them as simple as you like, or detail the hell of them, which suits me just fine.

I started out doing the models as quickly as I could, since I wanted to get in games with them as soon as possible.

Before long though, I found myself dotting every rivet, perfecting every hazard line... The hours stretched away into the distance, but really, I was enjoying every minute of the painting experience.

What gives?

There's something innately fun to paint about these guys. I suppose it's all in the exaggeration and chunky details that set them apart.

As I write this I'm keenly aware that I'm resting my feet against boxes containing hundreds of the damn things... But more so than any other army in my collection, I think I'm most likely to finish this lot.

Weird huh?






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