Thursday, July 7, 2011

Where's all the painting hauls gone, ya lazy git?

Well I'm glad you asked, sonny.

The simple answer is that I spent the last two months on a new Chaos list for a local tourney and on another top secret (until I get around to posting pics anyway) project.

Here are pics from the tourney, shamelessly filched from the organisers' Facebook:

Sardaris's new look! Still can't get the girls though.

The list of models I completed for the tourney:

1 Land Raider
1 Vindicator
1 Daemon Prince
5 Berserkers
11 Chaos Space Marines

Oh and Sardaris got an update, with a shiny new blue sword, face and wings. Plus I did sundry icons, combi meltas and other whatnotz to get the army tourney ready.

Lots of little details left to add, like detailing on rivets, bandages and other odds and sods that I will work on every now and then, but pretty good eh?

So how did I do? Better than expected I guess. Won three games on the first day, then crashed out on the second, but it's already better than I'd hoped.

Got voted Best Painted though, so no regrets!

So here's a big chunk of my painted Chaos army as it stands now:

Sardaris missed the group photo above, and there's still unfinished Terminators, Bikes, another Defiler, and sundry power-armoured dudes.

Oh and The Secret Project!

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