Monday, April 11, 2011

The Painting Haul - March 2011

Late February pics + brand new camera = Late March pics.

So much for getting this lot of pics done on time, like I promised myself two weeks ago. I will try harder, haha.

Simple reason for another batch of late pics, really, I much prefer painting to taking pics. It's hard to take pictures that make your models look good, I feel. Not that these pictures do, they're just the best of the worst =p

Maybe it's time to get the other half that camera *hint hint*

Anyway, not too much done for March, and the reason's that huge Orky sub I worked on with the other Ork players for our Armageddon campaign (!).

Intrigued? Pics to come... eventually.

Here's March's Haul:


Ork Battlewagon #2:

Updated Ork Buggy #1:

Random Historical (!):

Thanks for reading, and fingers crossed I get the next update up in good time eh?

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  1. I love the colors you used on the battlewagon! I have been slowly chipping away at my orks aswell I still have two battlewagons sitting in the box waiting for their deathrollas :). Great job so far !