Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It walks!

The secret project's not so secret no more.

It's a Subjugator Titan for Apocalypse, one of the more obscure Chaos titan variants back in the days of old Epic.

It's mostly scratchbuilt, barring a pair of defiler arms and a few pieces off the Chaos vehicle accessory sprue.

Lots of fun times had sourcing for parts and endless sanding, and sanding (and sanding) all of that Milliput. Lots of frustration at times too.

You know you're enjoying a project when you want to look at it first thing in the morning after a night spent working on it, and you sketch it endlessly during work.

Now it's mostly complete, just needs more time on the paintwork. I might also add a rivet or two here and there to break up the plainer areas. It's funny how you only notice these things when there's already colour on the model.

Hope you like it!

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