Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"If the worst should happen, at least we won't be alive to clean up the mess."

Greetings loyal fans! I've kept you waiting... (all two of you anyway).

Apocalypse weekend has come and gone, and it was a real blast! Many a tossed fistful of dice decided the fates of a great many little toy soldiers.

Well to put it mildly, us Imperial boys got well and truly pasted. Guess that's precisely why we have a propaganda department!

More importantly though, it gave me the impetus to get off my arse and get models done. Just in time I might add... and some of them still need work before they see any closeups... and there was that bit I found out I missed on that @#%$ Chimera...

Anyhoo. Lotsa of stuff done. *beam*

Here's the entire force, showcased in a shockingly blurry pic:


Not bad riiiight.... go back a couple of weeks and see that crappy pic of the half-finished models and see what I mean =p

Now I present my superhuman meatshie... I mean allies:

The Awesome: Q's battle hardened Salamanders. Lean, green, and burny:

The Ultimate: Chris's best of the best (of the best) Ultramarines *fanfare*:

Unfortunately only a thin slice of blueboys actually made it to the fight. The rest did not take part, but they get a participation T-shirt anyway =)

And here's the Axis of Evil:

Lawrence's Red Corsairs, flap flap boom boom chop chop. Chaos Marines with more spikes than a KISS concert:

Soo's cobbled together Ork command, pieced together with models from his own and Lawrence's models. And with some Deffkoptas and a Wagon from mine own humble collection:

I don't have a super-awesome blow-by-blow account of how the game went, just a slew of pictures (mostly from deployment, the rest of the game I was... er... playing the damn game).

But it was great fun!

Yessss.... my silly-big missile can see youuuu....*

The armoured fist of the God-Emperor tries not to get totalled in the first turn by the enemy.

Wait, where are all the nice juicy targets? On the other side of the battlefield?! Oh derp.

Pr'aps I should have joined the baddies like I usually do?

Mere moments before my tanks jumped out from behind the dirty big cathedral and shouted 'surprise!!!!'

Hope it looks at least a smidge as fun as it was to play.

Least with allies, you can always foist the blame on them when bad stuff happens!

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