Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sardaris gets his level up!

You failed my armour save agaiiiiin...*

I like this pic best. He looks gnarly.

Gosh his head looks huge from this angle.

Long suffering leader of my eeeeeeevil horde...

This represents Mr S. after his daemonic ascension. He has worked long and hard after all, about 20+ games at last count...

Unfortunately, he seems to die a lot more after his transmogrific... transmorgrif... transgormo... level up.

You'd think being 15 feet tall and clad in daemonic armour would make you more survivable right?

Wrong. It makes you anti-tank gun bait.

Anyway in case you're wondering, here's what he looked like before:

To Mr Sculptor: watch Hellraiser much?

Mr S's truly pwetty sword. *swish*

By the way, guns don't kill people, but $#%$ Plasma Pistols certainly do.

Mr S has shot himself in the foot with his gat more times than I can count.

One time, he even died...

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