Thursday, September 16, 2010


Chaos Marines were my first 40k collection, and I pretty much dove in because of all the weird things you could do to make them a little special.

I've actually just leaned over and taken a look at the models in my display case at my desk here at work, and realized something.

The army has a grand total of 1 squad that contains unconverted models.

Seriously, I just realized this.

No wonder Tsui once said I don't paint anything until I've tweaked it first. Stunning insight -- Hmmm!

Anyway, here are some pics. Along with some thoughts about what went into them.

This dude is literally the second Emperor's Children marine I ever did (the first was my GD that won gold at Oz back in '02)

I figured that you don't see much skin on Slaanesh marines, unlike their daemons (which look like transvestite stripper-prostitute crabpeople who are allergic to clothing).

So I hollowed out his midriff area and sculpted abs for him.

10,000 years terrorizing the far reaches of outer space leaves you lots of time to do sit-ups. Lots.

This model is probably one of my favourites in the entire collection. Something about his nassssssty sneer...

He started out as an experiment to try to incorporate the dead sexy Warhammer Champion of Slaanesh (phew, mouthful) model that came out with the previous Chaos army book.

Trick was to make him look future-y, so I used 40k parts to alter his silhouette (taking a page out of the best anime/manga artists' book).

He has one boot, a backpack, shoulder pads and a pistol, so I think he looks just right for 40k.

I also learned that picking a slimmer, smaller head (this one's from the Dark Eldar range) makes a model look even more statuesque.


These guys started as standard Noisemarines without sonic weapons. When they got hit by the codex change, they became well... useless.

I switched some of their armour plates to black, gave them cloak bits from their backpacks, and *bang* they became chosen.

Possessed... Once they were to be feared, now they fight as well as declawed kittens encased in a paper bag.

These were meant to represent the old rending claws, which KILLED SOMEBODY STONE DEAD everytime I rolled a 6 on a dice (goddammit).

Now they come along for sh*ts and giggles mostly.


I love these guys. Silly-big guns, mad colours and all.

Most of the effort went into the champions, but the troopers sport the occasional modification and freehand work. Mostly I tried to give them more interesting poses with their guns.

More to come!

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