Friday, November 19, 2010

Snip snip snip aaagh

Kirai - a bad chick to piss off.

I've known about Wyrd Miniatures for a pretty long time now, and suffice to say, wasn't impressed with the quality of their earlier sculpts.

At least until now anyway.

Their recent offerings are pretty darn good from a technical standpoint, so I finally plumped for this box.

The Spirits of Vengeance box comes with a total of 6 models, and are pretty decent models overall.

Kirai in particular, is a very capable sculpt. Apart from one or two small quibbles I have with the model (such as the fact she has waaay too much forehead), it really is rather nice.

I trimmed down her forehead by painting on an additional line of hair over her forehead, lowering her hairline slightly.

Y'know, I have to say it's actually rather nice to finally paint a model with less than enormous boobage for once.

She does kinda look like a really pissed off Fann Wong now though.

Tonight I'm off to work on her minions, will post pics of those. Look out for it =)

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