Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oi! We wuz 'ere furst!

This is why you should always check for mines first.

The mad blue rush begins. This is the view from my side of the table, just so you know.

Da uvver Bloo Boyz is trying to nick our stuff!

One immobilized Shadowsword tank. 4000 points worth of looting DeffSkull Orks = win.

Lawrence and I played this game to determine who'd be in charge for the upcoming 40K Armageddon campaign. The winner gets to be boss. The loser sinks into grotdom.

We set up the table to look as if the tank had been a'rumblin down a steep sided valley, when it got immobilized by landmines. Both armies then deployed on the short sides of the table, and a mad rush to get to the tank ensued.

The idea is that the player who had a model in base contact with the tank got to pivot and fire it as part of his army. If both sides are wrestling for the controls, then it's 4+ to see if it fires in the player's turn.

The result? I got the first turn, which gave me a huge advantage, so I grabbed the tank early. Lawrence was struggling to win fights around the tank as my orks were hunkered down in the craters around the tank.

Even though I could fire the tank's big guns at his stuff, his godly Kustom Force Field rolls saved him from the worst of it (goddammit).

End result? I won, but we're thinking of a rematch where he gets to go first.

But in the meantime?


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