Thursday, October 22, 2015

Relic Knights crossover heroes!

Why do I never post entries consistently? Oh let me count the whys...

But better late than never right?

So today I present to you Super Dungeon Explore's Relic Knights crossovers, months after they were done.

I have to level with all-a-ya'll, Relic Knights designs aren't really my thing. But blow up their heads in the best of SDE's chibi tradition, and I'm sold.

Here's Princess Malya:

Codifier Kisa:

One Shot:

Seb Cross:

This model needed repositioning; Too much of a forward lean meant he kept facepalming... the ground. After the first hundred times, I'd had enough.

And finally Kasaro To.

Oddly enough this miniature is actually less cartoony than his Relic Knight peers... go figure. Also, keeping his back banner pointing correctly skyward was a pain! I ended up gluing it to his tetsubo.

Silly banner.