Wednesday, January 28, 2015

And because there's no such thing as too many pictures...

I realise I've hardly shown off any of these miniatures on this blog!

Now that I'd finished the first of the dungeon boards, I could not resist taking pictures of the Super Dungeon Explore! miniatures I had finished on it:

First, the skeletons from the Shallow Grave spawning point:

Turtles from the Rock Pile spawning point:

Flaming gels et al from the Fire Whirl spawning point:

Fire elemental boss Roxor: 

Death Spectre - Does his scythe remind you of a video game?

Vampire Von Drakk with his monstrous bat shapeshift:

Rockgut the troll. I absolutely hated the colour scheme on this model... until I added the purple in his mouth. I feel it tied it all together:

Goodly hero Van Wildling and his bestial werewolf form Van Wilder. Fancy that - Castlevania meets cheesy 80's comedy in one fell swoop:

Miserable toads! Futurama hypno-toad on the left, real-life tree frog on the right:

Gallery of villains! Minibosses from various special releases:

Von Drakk heroes:

Kobolds! Kobold spawning point. Don't quite remember the name, but this is one of my favourites:

Dragon hatchlings from the Dragon Clutch spawning point:

Caverns of Roxor heroes! Some of the best sculpts in my opinion. I love not-Link on the far right:

A selection of core box heroes. More to come:

I'm sure you can tell I've gone a bit super dungeon explore crazy, since the last post over a year ago! :p

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