Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wood Elf Challenge week 3 and prototypes!

Challenge? What challenge?

So... When GW closed down Specialist's Games, I went on a Warmaster buying spree, picking up the rest of the models I was planning to use for Wood Elves.

What better way to keep tabs on getting models done than participating in a challenge right?

The plan is to get a unit of three bases done every two weeks. I actually paint faster than this, but given the complexity of some of the conversions I will be doing to make my Wood Elves look like their Warhammer counterparts, this sedate pace is. perfect.

This week's challenge unit is Glade Guard. Just FYI, week 1 was also Glade Guard and week 2 Dryads. Just to clarify though, week 1's Glade Guard didn't include a proper command base -- I'll be adding them later.

Here's how I did them -- one base is going to the earlier unit lacking command:

Painted! Simple and easy:

Lined up and ready to pew pew pew:

 And now, the fun part. Here's what my Eternal Guard will look like:


They are insanely complicated to make, out of Copplestone Rangers:

Brass rod spears and green stuff chest plates, arms and helmet accessories. See why I like the slow pace?

And, made out of GW Dark Elves, Wild Riders:

I am really happy at how these units have turned out, even if they are tons of work. Should look great when all done!

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  1. Hello! I just wanted to say that I find these wood elf posts really inspiring, and I intend on doing something similar in the (distant?) future. =)