Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I'm baaaack! (And smaller than ever)

Hi everyone! (all 17 of you anyway)

Yes, I have been remiss in posting updates, haven't I?

In the two years that I've gone AWOL from this blog, a great deal has happened:

1. All of my 28mm stuff has been put on indefinite hold. I've even been flogging large swathes of the unopened stuff, in order to free up space. I've been quite the hoarder given the series of sales that affected people in my area, leaving me with more than I was inclined to paint.

Which means:

2. No more 28mm updates for the time being, with the exception of Super Dungeon Explore, which I love to death.

3. I've moved on into 10mm gaming, namely Warmaster Fantasy and Warmaster Ancients. I'm currently working on Empire (remember that War Altar?), Beastmen and Wood Elves, so these will be the focus of new Painting Haul updates.

Hang in there, lots to update you on!

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