Friday, May 14, 2010

The first post

Hi all, welcome to my blog.

I'll be frank.

This is less a blog and more an online repository of all the wargames miniatures I've done over my 18 years of hobby (and counting).

One reason for this blog stems from the fact that, as Games Workshop reworked and re-released many armies, many of my earlier models became outmoded for the current edition of the rules.

These poor abandoned models got pushed to the deepest recesses of my shelves, in favour of models that I could use in games.

Now many of these models I do like a lot, since I have a habit of converting nearly everything for one reason or another.

This blog will give them their day in the sun again.

The other reason? I er... have too much s**t and I need the motivation to get it all done.

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